Ángela Cervantes – May 21-24 | Café Central Madrid

Café Central Madrid

Ángela Cervantes – May 21-24

May 21-24

Ángela Cervantes – vocals
Ariel Brínguez – tenor saxophone, vocals
Chema Saiz – guitar
Pepe Rivero – piano, backing vocals
Reinier “El Negrón”– double bass, backing vocals
Michael Olivera – drums, backing vocals

Ángela Cervantes delves into Cuban musical poetry in her latest project, Camino a Santa Clara… Por 50 años más con Los Fakires (Cezanne Producciones, 2016). Ángela traveled to the heart of Cuba to record with the legendary band Los Fakires, who in 2014 celebrated their 50th anniversary and are highly respected in Cuba for their full commitment to music over the course of five decades, their unique sound and tremendous talent. In the beginning, their repertoire combined hues from all over the world, from pop to Motown, until Juan José Bringuez, a great musician and saxophonist, took control of their musical direction 36 years ago, and focused exclusively on Vieja Trova Cubana. Under his direction, they have traveled all over Cuba and toured Asia, Europe and the United States.

Santa Clara has always been the cradle of great musicians and a historic cultural movement. Some of these amazing musicians have formed part of Irakere, including Enrique Plá, José Luis Cortés, Carlos Alvarez and Manuel Machado, to name a few. In the 1970s, I listened to a group called Los Fakires, with the brilliant Pucho López as well as the era with Juan José Bringuez, and I was surprised by the originality of these musicians. Ariel Bringuez, his grandfather Juan José and the singer Ángela Cervantes have created something spectacular. After listening to this CD, I realized that Cuban music is on the right track. This album is fresh, innovative, traditional and contemporary, all while respecting its roots. The arrangements, solos and particularly the voice of Ángela Cervantes are fantastic. I recommend listening to this Cuban perspective of the 21st century because it ushers in a new era.
Chucho Valdés

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