Etertango – Every Monday at 11:30 PM | Café Central Madrid

Café Central Madrid

Etertango – Every Monday at 11:30 PM

Etertango consists of songs, reports, tales, stories, legends, anecdotes, tangos and live music.

Etertango is tango that lives in Madrid.

Etertango is a radio show about tango that is broadcast on Radio Circulo (CBA) every Thursday at 4:00 PM.

Etertango is broadcast on Facebook Live every Monday at 11:30 PM.

Etertango is more than just a very special program about tango. It is also a tango, transmedia, authentic and local comic, and it can be heard and “spied on” via the Internet. It is piloted by the Etertangonaut Ariel Tobío, accompanied by his co-pilot Raul Chiochio, Loris Carall and Victor Milan Gomez.

Visit Etertango’s Facebook page to view the latest videos.

We look forward to seeing you every Monday at 11:30 PM at Café Central Madrid.

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