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24, 25 and 26 June


Naike Ponce – cante

Alex Conde – piano

Miquel Álvarez – double bass

Bandolero – percussion

The singer Montse Cortés is unable to join us on these dates, Naike Ponce will perform in her place, sorry for the inconvenience.

In this mestizaje, in addition to the Valencian pianist Alex Conde, who has developed his career in New York, and the also Valencian Miguel Álvarez, a young double bass player with a great projection, we will be able to enjoy the roots rhythm of Bandolero, from Madrid’s Lavapiés district.

From the crossbreeding, in the moments when the musics meet, we will listen to the most traditional flamenco singing together with the rhythms and structures of jazz classics.

Tickets from € 21,25

27 and 28 June


Alberto Arteta – sax

Íñigo Ruiz de Gordejuela – piano

Javier Callén – double bass

Borja Barrueta – drums

The idea behind MOVE suggests two concrete concepts. On the one hand, to shape musical material that pushes forward into the avant-garde of contemporary popular music, without neglecting a passion for the tradition of jazz and other music. In this sense, the repertoire is made up of themes composed and arranged to be performed, a priori, by the members of this quartet. On the other hand, to humbly try to create something capable of sensitising the listener and to transcend, in a certain way, the unipersonal. Both concepts fit the definition of the word Move.

Tickets from € 17,75

June 29 and 30


Karla Silva – piano, vocals

Richie Ferrer – double bass

Miquel Asensio – drums

Special Guest:

Israel Sandoval – guitar (day 29)

Karla Silva is a Venezuelan singer, pianist and composer based in Spain. With his voice and piano as one instrument, he will perform his original jazz, bossa and soul compositions, as well as jazz standards, along with Richie Ferrer on double bass and Miquel Asensio on drums.

Tickets from 16,75 €.

July 1, 2 and 3


Ile Hernández – vocals

Harold Rey – piano

Iván Ruiz – double bass

Chipi Chacón – trumpet

Johnny Gómez – drums, percussion

They pay tribute to the indispensable voices of jazz, brought to different Cuban genres through the vocal cords of the exceptional voice of national jazz: Ile Hernández and under the direction of Cuban pianist, producer and arranger Harold Rey.

Tickets from € 21,25

July 4 and 5


Lucas de Mulder – guitar

Chip Wickham – flute, sax

Enrique Blanco – Hammond

Santi “Sweetfingers”– bass

Antonio Pax – drums

Special guest:

Mayka Edjole – vocals

Lucas de Mulder is a guitarist and composer based in Madrid who loves instrumental music. Especially attracted by funk, soul and jazz, he quickly finds his sound to carry out his compositions, which form a varied and very entertaining musical cocktail. Entre sus influencias, que son muy variadas, destacan guitarristas como Grant Green, Ernest Ranglin, Boogaloo Joe Jones, Gabor Szabo, y bandas como The Meters, The New Mastersounds, Soulive, The Greyboy Allstars, Menahan Street Band y Khruangbin, entre otros. For the occasion, Lucas De Mulder will bring us a repertoire where he will play compositions from his latest album “Feel The Spirit” produced by Eddie Roberts, guitarist of The New Mastersounds and founder of the record label Color Red based in Denver (USA) and a set with vocals with the great Mayka Edjole as special guest. In addition, he will be accompanied by musicians with a great trajectory in black music groups such as The Sweet Vandals, Speak Low, Beat Bronco, Matthew Halsall’s Gondwana Orchestra and Martha High among others.

Tickets from 18,50 €.

July 6 and 7


Danny del Toro – harmonica – vocals

Tatiana Firminio – piano

Fiz Novoa – drums

Del Toro Blues trio was born from the hand of harmonica player Danny del Toro. Currently, they are one of the most consolidated bands in the European circuit, since in addition to their show, they accompany in their European tours outstanding and award-winning international artists.

Reviews of Danny del Toro by important international media:

Best Acosutic artist & Best Acoustic cd 2019(UK)

Blues Matters “Killer Harmonica”

Music Republic “Magazine “World Class Blues Harp”

Pete Feenstra “Booming big tone harp tone”

RnR Magazine “Expert Blues musician” “highly enjoyable”

Tickets from € 17,75

July 8, 9 and 10


Fernando Sangüesa – tenor sax

Santi Cañada – trombone

Iván Sangüesa – piano

Fernando Lupano – double bass

Pier Bruera – drums

His music combines the essence of blues, swing, funk, and Latin rhythms, pleasing both jazz lovers and fans of other styles. The fundamental characteristic of this band is the intense communication with the audience during their concerts, making them participants of their music at all times.

Tickets from € 20,50

July 11 and 12


Maikel Vistel – sax

Germán Kucich – piano

Toño Miguel – double bass

Juanma Barroso – drums

Juanma Barroso has been through all these musical scenarios by experience and age, with more than thirty recordings as accompanist and the fourth as leader: NAS.

He has trained in Spain and New York with Al Foster and Ben Riley, as well as accompanied luminaries such as Frank Lacy, Doug Raney, Phil Woods, Eddy Henderson, Sonny Fortune, Pedro Iturralde or Bobby Martinez among others. All this is in the album: from Victor Lewis to Led Zeppelin, passing through Herbie Hancock – magnificent I Have a Dream – or Bill Evans – Very Early – as well as his own compositions, powerful hard bop very transformed in atmospheres and sonorous atmospheres that make them more complex and current.

Tickets from 16,75 €.

July 13 and 14


María Parra – piano

Miguel Rodrigáñez – double-bass

Gonzalo Maestre – drums

For pianist María Parra, music is a constant challenge. After many years dedicated to perfecting her style in the wake of classical composers, she found herself when she decided that happiness came from expressing her most intimate emotions through her own compositions. Thus Vision, his first work with his own works, was born. While he showed his most classical side, he studied and recreated himself in the intimacy of jazz, which he perfected during his years at the Taller de Músicos de Barcelona. The challenge was to transfer his vision of music to jazz improvisation, accompanied by two fellow travelers who form one of the most solid rhythmic bases of the national jazz scene, double bassist Miguel Rodrigáñez and drummer Gonzalo Maestre.

Tickets from 16,75 €.

July 15, 16 and 17


Pedro Ojesto – piano

Román Filiú – sax

Josemi Garzón – double bass

Guillermo McGill – drums

In this quartet format, in which Pedro Ojesto has been working for many years, is where we can hear the most jazzy version of his music. But without losing sight of his career, in which we have always been able to hear a new step in the path of development that jazz is currently experiencing in its fusion with flamenco, influenced by the most current trends of these two languages and without losing sight of the roots of both musics, but this time oriented towards the most avant-garde trends of jazz.

The repertoire is based on new original songs with which the group is preparing new recordings, mixed with some songs from the latest works with Flamenco Jazz Company, in a jazz version, and also with songs recovered from previous works adapted to this new formation, as well as some adaptations of jazz standards, and popular in general, translated into their own defined language, which could be classified as “Jazz-Jondo”.

Tickets from € 20,50