Pedro Iturralde Cuarteto – May 14-20 | Café Central Madrid

Café Central Madrid

Pedro Iturralde Cuarteto – May 14-20

May 14-20

Pedro Iturralde – saxophone
Mariano Díaz – piano
Richie Ferrer – double bass
Daniel García – drums

Pedro Iturralde, the first to discover and the first to teach, is the essence of jazz in Spain. His flamenco performances are a perfect example for any attempt at combining the purist music of both genres. His albums continue to be and analyzed, including Jazz Flamenco and the recording he made here, Una noche en el Central (Nueva Década, 1994).

There is no need to highlight the deserved tributes to Pedro or his presence in the international jazz, film and fashion scene during years that were less open. His efforts to show and teach, that only great artists such as Iturralde pursue, have never been called into question. Every concert is a drop of what he can contribute to the personal development of the world of music. Without knowledge, there is no swing.

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