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December 10, 11 and 12


Leo Minax – vocals, guitar

Javier Vercher – sax, flute

Daniel G. Diego – piano

Pablo M. Caminero – double bass

Borja Barrueta – drums

“La casa por la ventana” is the new project of Leo Minax, Brazilian composer, singer and guitarist, together with very virtuous musicians, with internationally consolidated solo careers, now come together to shape the new songs of the prolific Brazilian artist. In the group’s music, a rich range of nuances and influences, where Brazilian rhythms approach jazz, the energy and imprint of contemporary instrumental flamenco, and the diversity and boldness of the most experimental music in the field of song. A very seductive project, unique in the current music scene made in Spain.

Tickets from € 21,25

December 13, 14


Aurora García – vocals

Julio Martín- piano

Francisco “Loque” – double bass

Fede Marini – drums

Aurora García is one of the most acclaimed and versatile singers of the last decades in Spain despite her youth. A reference voice in the national scene, recognized as one of the best and most personal voices of rock, soul, pop, R&B… Known as the soloist voice of Aurora & The Betrayers. As a review of her major influences, Aurora presents a more intimate project, away from the big stages, where you can hear her voice in a warmer and closer environment. A regression to the roots of the music that has influenced his way of singing and performing since his beginnings in music. A special occasion, to listen to Aurora García in a place where you are not used to listen to her. The tradition of African-American music is breathed in every note, recreating the echoes of the great singers: Billie Holliday, Mahalia Jackson, Dinah Washington, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cook….

Tickets from € 19,25

December 15, 16


Sebastián Chames – piano

Román Filiú – sax

Jorge Vistel – trumpet

Ruben Carles – double bass

Juanma Barroso – drums

During his professional career he has played in Spain and the United States with musicians such as Steve Nelson, Jeremy Pelt, Greg Tardy, Justin Robinson, Gerald Cannon, Curtis Lundy, Dwayne Burno, Willie Jones III, Lamy Strefi Jr., Jonathan Barber, Stacy Dillard, Warren Wolf, etc. He has been playing periodically at the legendary Smalls Jazz Club in New York. Chames was Spanish representation in 2016 at the International Jazz Day, in a concert organized by the Spanish Embassy, the DC Jazz Festival and the Thelonious Monk Institute.

Tickets from € 17,75

December 17, 18, 19


Pedro Ojesto – piano

Román Filiú- sax

Josemi Garzón – double bass

Bandolero – drums

In this project we can listen to the jazz side of P. Ojesto, in the quartet format, typical of this genre, a wind and rhythm section. But without losing sight of Pedro Ojesto’s trajectory, in which we can always hear a new step in the path of development that jazz is currently experiencing in its fusion with flamenco, influenced by the most current trends of these two languages and without losing sight of the roots of both musics. The repertoire is based on new original songs with which the group is preparing new recordings, mixed with some songs from the latest works with Flamenco Jazz Company, and also with songs recovered from previous works for this new formation, as well as some adaptations of jazz standards, translated into their own defined language.

Tickets from € 20,50

December 20 and 21


Kike Perdomo – sax

Nico Martín – guitar

Gabri Casanova – Hammond

Andrés Litwin – drums

Kike Perdomo is a great saxophonist from the Canary Islands, owner of a beautiful sound and a joyful musical wisdom capable of creating the most breathable sonorous and sentimental atmospheres. Kike masters his instrument with outstanding skill and forms solid ensembles to develop his music and his repertoire full of innovative ideas and a rich vein well established in both the tradition and the most modern trends of jazz.

Entradas desde 16,75 €

December 22 and 23


Federico Lechner – piano

Sheila Blanco – vocals

Chema Saiz – guitar

This peculiar trio is formed to pay tribute to the great composer George Gershwin, one of the cornerstones not only of jazz music, but also of the history of 20th century music. Always in the key of jazz and using improvisation and constant communication between the three to create a creative and lively music, the trio uses many of the great themes of the great New Yorker to enjoy and to develop their own improvisations on them. Some of the songs used are “Summertime”, “Nice work if you can get it”, “My man’s gone now”, “But not for me”, “I loves you Porgy”, “Someone to watch over me” and so many other wonderful melodies and inspired harmonies by Gershwin, most of them with lyrics by his also great brother Ira. I loves you Porgy”, “Someone to watch over me” and so many other wonderful melodies and inspired harmonies by Gershwin, most of them, with lyrics by his also great brother Ira.

Entradas desde 16,75 €

December 25 and 26



Pepe Rivero – piano

Ángela Cervantes- vocals

Reinier “El Negrón” – double bass

Michael Olivera – drums

Excited by the musical poetics of Sylvia Rexach, Cuban pianist and composer Pepe Rivero and Ibizan singer Ángela Cervantes come together in this recording project, produced by José E. Cruz, to recall and expand the repertoire of the Puerto Rican artist. Olas y Arenas, title also of one of her most famous songs, aims to add a new voice to the sensitive work of Sylvia, a committed woman ahead of her time, singer, composer, comedy scriptwriter and poet, as well as to her intense but brief life. Days narrated through her music, straddling the First World War and the bohemian nightlife of the 50’s, in a world that did not know how to see, until after her death, the value of her art.

Tickets from € 19,25

December 27th and 28th


Penélope Sócola – soprano

Irene de Lema – soprano

Lola Pérez – mezzo

Alicia Cid – contralto

Julio Martín – piano

Sergio Fernández – bass

Charly Sánchez – drums

Spin Gospel is a collective that counts with the best female voices in our country, regular radio and television recordings, studio and live productions for various national and international artists and extensive experience in personal artistic works. Among all their repertoire of soul, gospel, etc., it is worth mentioning their Christmas repertoire, which delights young and old alike. Spin Gospel has made their Christmas concerts a classic in the most emblematic jazz and soul clubs, constantly hanging the sold-out sign.

Tickets from € 19,25

December 29 and 30


Ile Hernández – vocals

Harold Rey – piano

Iván Ruiz – double bass

Chipi Chacón – trumpet

Johnny Gómez – drums, percussion

They recall the great hits of an indispensable voice of jazz: Ella Fitzgerald, embodied in the vocal cords of the exceptional voice of national jazz: Ile Hernandez under the direction of Cuban pianist, producer and arranger Harold Rey.

Tickets from € 18,75

December 31, 2009



Celia Mayo – vocals

Richard Krull – piano

Inoidel González – sax

Richie Ferrer – double bass

Paco García – drums

One more year, we celebrate the arrival of the New Year as we like the most, with family and with a New Year’s Eve Special Menu. At midnight we will celebrate the beginning of the year from the stage and we will be able to toast with a glass of Cava and eat grapes with the musicians.

Consult our:


January 1 to 6


José Luis Gutiérrez – sax

Marco Niemietz – double bass

Lar Legido – drums

He has already performed more than 100 concerts at Café Central, making him one of the most beloved artists of this house. José Luis Gutiérrez is a chosen one of music. It moves, stirs and moves. An artist of vertigo, groom of surprise. His concerts are unpredictable journeys that immerse the audience in one of the most personal sound worlds of today’s jazz.

Tickets from € 20,50


December 8 and 9


Pedro Pablo R. Mireles – percussion
Dany Noel – double bass
Sergio Fernández – piano

Three Cuban Jazz is a musical project that rescues the sound of Cuban Jazz from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, as well as other traditional genres fused with contemporary jazz. A classical trio of piano, double bass and percussion that under the direction of Pedro Pablo Rodríguez Mireles will make us travel between danzón and latin through the heart of Cuba. They present their album Suena Cubano.

December 6, 7


Adrián Costa – guitar, vocals

Dani Niño – sax

Nata Estévez – sax (day 6)

Ariel Brínguez – sax (day 7)

Diego Jiménez – sax

Chavi Ontoria – keyboads

Miguel Benito PT – drums

Radio presenter Charlie Faber (RNE3) did not hesitate to call his latest release a “wonderful single from the first note. An infectious and fresh thing, as well as retro” and other international reference programs such as “The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show” on BBC6 have already played his music. Two of their songs sound in the NETFLIX series “Valeria” and legendary headers like Ruta 66 have spoken of them as “one of the most demanded brass sections in rock”, who now decide to “take the leap and distribute sulfur on their own”. Averno’s sound takes its cue from 1950s R&B and simmers its own songs. A kind of cavernous R&B, flambéed with Latin touches and high doses of Rock that will shatter the soles of your shoes before the end of each concert.

October 22, 23 and 24



Yelsy Heredia – bass
Sergio “El Cubanísimo” – piano
Moisés Porro – percussion

Cachao Vive is a sincere tribute that Yelsy makes to the prolific work of the excellent Cuban double bass player. Every Heredia proposal bears the seal of quality, its staging is attractive and its own brand. We will get excited with Babalú, we will sing with Mama Inés and we will cry Black Tears. His bass sounded for 13 years with the flamenco singer Diego el Cigala, currently combining his solo career with the new trio project of the international Portuguese singer Dulce Pontes. Cubans for their part say that he is the double bass player with the most projection due to his great knowledge of Cuban music and the personality of his performance. He has collaborated with Bebo Valdés All Star Big Band, Chucho Valdés, Tata Güines, Guillermo Rubalcaba, Changuito, among others.

November 30, December 1 and 2



Deborah Ayo – vocals

Tatiana Suárez – vocals

Miryam Latrece – vocals

Javier Lozano – keyboards

Sergio Santabárbara – guitar

Yeray Jiménez – bass guitar

Ernesto Millán – sax

Iván del Castillo – trumpet

Carlos Sosa – drums

Motown Live Ensemble revisits some of the best-known tracks from the famous Motown Records, created in 1959 by Berry Gordy in Detroit. Tracks like What’s going on (Marvin Gaye), Blame it on the Boogie (Jackson 5), Get Ready (The Temptations), Superstition (Stevie Wonder), in a powerful and fun live show with which you will not stop dancing thanks to the best Soul and R&B of all times.

November 26, 27 and 28



Francisco Simón – guitar

Luis Regidor – vocals, guitar

Manuel Bagüés – bass

Carlos Sánchez – drums

After a year as convulsive as 2020, Red House starts a new decade, hoping it will be Happy 20, full of new projects, illusion and changes. With more than 20 years behind them, Red House is renewed, RENACE with a new logo, songs, repertoire and a new voice that will accompany from now on the new Red House Revival line-up, led by Francisco Simón and his guitar. Red House Revival will continue to amaze us with the freshness, energy and quality of their live performances, now more than ever!


Jim Kashishian – trombone, vocals

Fernando Sobrino – piano

Antonio Domínguez – double bass

Yevhen Riechkalov – trumpet

Raúl Rodríguez – drums

La Canal, with its five members, each contributing their own ideas, developing not only a style of Jazz, but creating their own style of music that shows enough hook and energy to spread the joy of Jazz in almost all its aspects. With their experience, La Canal transmits Jazz perfectly and corroborates their image as the band with the most tradition in Spain. “He simply sports an enviable dignity and schooling.”

November 23


If you close your eyes and listen to María Yfeu’s voice, you would think that you are in front of a singer with stage experience and a trajectory that has made her drink from numerous musical sources. If you open your eyes you still think the same, but you discover a 22 year old girl who has become one of the sensations of the new national scene. His eclecticism, without corsets or ties, allows him to dive into his passion from various prisms, with influences from jazz, MPB, tropicália, auteur music, pop, rock, punk, post punk, new wave … and especially any sound that comes from countercultural and fusion movements.

November 19, 20 and 21


Carita Boronska – vocals, piano

Gladston Galliza – vocals, guitar (19 y 21)

Sean Clapis – guitar (20)

Nantha Kumar – percussion

Guest artist:

Luca Kézdy – violin

Carita Boronska was born in Uppsala, Sweden. He won the Young Composer / Writers Award selected by STIM (Swedish Author Society) at the age of 19. He studied music, arts, singing, film and screenwriting in Denmark for 3 years and later obtained a scholarship from Berklee College of Music. At Berklee he won the Annual Composition Competition on two consecutive occasions, in addition to preparing for Filmscoring. Throughout her career, Carita has had the opportunity to meet and work with a wide range of famous artists and musicians; including Richard Evans (arranger and producer for Natalie Cole, Stan Getz, etc.), Bob Cranshaw (Sonny Rollins), Chad Wright (drummer for The Jackson Brothers / Chaka Khan), Ed Epstein, Randy Brecker, Kenny Kirkland, Nils Lan Doky, David Gilmore, Anne Linnet, Israel Sandoval, Ed Epstein and many more.

November 17 and 18


Fernando Sangüesa – sax

Ove Larsson – trombone

Ivan Sangüesa – piano

Héctor Rojo – bass

Diego Gutiérrez – drums

His music combines the essence of blues, swing, funk, and Latin rhythms, pleasing both jazz lovers and fans of other styles. The fundamental characteristic of this band is the intense communication with the audience during their concerts, making them participants of their music at all times.

November 9 and 16


Javi Peña – guitar

Manuel Bagüés – bajo

Gonzalo Maestre – drums

Leonor Watling – vocals

Javi Peña leads a trio of experienced musicians who come from different formations, Marlango, Red House, Gn3, Revolver… They have their own personal proposal rooted in American music. They mix Jazz, Western Swing, Country Blues, Folk, Twang? improvising and giving rise to a heterogeneous soundscape, at times abstract and colorful, at times rhythmic and precious. On this occasion, Leonor Watling joins them, for the first time outside the Marlago project with which they have already shared stages all over the world. Watling delves into jazz standards from Billie Holiday to updated versions of Leonard Cohen.

November 12, 13 and 14


"This is jazz!"

Joshua Edelman – piano

Eric Surmenian – bass

Juan Luis Castaño – drums

With his trio project Back Home Again, Joshua Edelman brings us the most deeply rooted jazz from the streets of his native New York in tune with classical, Cuban and Brazilian traditions. “Jazz is connection. Connection is love, rhythm, dance, music, tuning and performance; it is breath, inspiration and intuition. Connections are forged through time and shared experiences; through the ancestors, the teachers and the intertwined oral tradition that nurtures the evolution of music; that magical manifestation of history, geography, passion and spirituality. Back Home Again is the story of two shores on both sides of the Atlantic, which merge in a boundless romance ”. (Joshua Edelman).

November 12, 13 and 14


Gastón joya – vocals, double bass

Pablo Gutiérrez – piano

Ariel Brínguez – sax

“Those who like Afro-Cuban jazz, concert music and Cuban popular music at the same time, should enlist. On an island that has produced names like Ernesto Lecuona, Ignacio Cervantes, Benny Moré, Bebo Valdés or Cachao, it is not unusual to find musicians who master these three styles and even some more, but it is much more difficult to find a 34-year-old virtuoso who is already considered a master of the double bass. Despite his youth, Gastón Joya has traveled half the world defending the sonorous repertoire of the Buena Vista Social Club project and also playing jazz with Chucho Valdés” (Mauricio Vicent).

November 5, 6 and 7


Betta Berodia – vocals

Pablo Sanpa – guitar

Pascual Monge – drums

Diego De la Torre – bass

The Madrid singer Betta Berodia, accompanied by the great guitarist Pablo Sanpa, offer a show full of Afro-American music, with a breath of elegance and know-how, thanks to the great quality of musicians that make up this band accompanied by an exquisite repertoire. Undoubtedly, a show of black music made with respect and a lot of groove getting the whole audience to enjoy their performances.

November 2, 3 and 4


Yuvisney Aguilar – timbal

Iván Ruíz – bass

Harold Rey – piano

Ángel Herrera – congas

This new project revisits the elegance of the music of the 50s and 60s in Cuba, where great masters such as Bebo Valdés, Ernesto Lecuona, Armando Romeu, Franck Emilio, Orlando “Cachao” López, Pedro Justiz “Peruchín”, Guillemo Barreto, Walfredo de los Reyes, Arístides Soto (Tata Güines) among others, created an unmistakable style within Latin music, marking a well-defined and unmistakable path in the whole world.

October 29, 30 and 31


Iván Mellén – percussion

baroque guitar and archlute

Antonio Toledo – spanish guitar

Andreas Prittwitz – winds (saxophone, clarinet and flutes)

Can you imagine listening to John Dowland’s “Lachrimae Antiquae” played by a modern clarinet? Or Juan del Encina’s “Las tres morillas” with an improvised soprano saxophone solo between percussion sounds, viola da gamba and guitar? Or Pergolesi’s “Stabat Mater Dolorosa” performed with clarinet, saxophone and strings? Or some “Prelude” by F. Chopin joining the piano with a tenor saxophone? This is what the Looking Back project is all about.

The union of improvised music with compositions from different musical periods, from the renaissance to Chopin (for now), mixing the timbre of the instruments of those periods, pio flutes, violin, viola da gamba or piano with the modern sonorities of the saxophone or clarinet.

October 22, 23 and 24



Leo Sidran – vocals, guitar
Max Darmon – bass guitar
Romain Bouiges – drums
Paul Sany – keyboard

When Grammy-winning multi-instrument producer and singer-songwriter Leo Sidran wrote the song Trying Times in early 2020, he had no idea how clairvoyant it would turn out. When Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist producer and singer-songwriter Leo Sidran wrote the song Trying Times in early 2020, he had no idea how prescient it would turn out to be. The song, like Leo himself, fell somewhere between jazz, singer-songwriter and pop music and spoke simply to the complexity of the moment, “You have to laugh to keep from crying, but it’s not that funny, it’s hard times.”

October 15, 16 and 17


Mariano Díaz – piano
Lucio Lupano – guitar
Joan Codina – bass
Daniel Pimenta – drums
Lara Vizuete – vocals (16th and 17th)

Grammy Award-nominated pianist Mariano Díaz presenting his new project Boogie Girl. Mariano Díaz, Argentine composer, pianist and keyboard player who has lived in Madrid for years, is one of the most sought-after on the national music scene. He has been part of prominent groups such as the Perico Sambeat Quintet, New York Flamenco Reunion, Gerardo Núñez Ensamble, Javier Colina-Antonio Serrano Quintet or the Pedro Iturralde Quintet, among others. The musician has also collaborated in the works of great musicians such as Eric Marienthal, Marc Miralta, Pedro Iturralde, Paquito D’Rivera, David Liebman, Jorge Prado, Seamus Blake, Dick Oatts or the Chicago Simphony Orchestra. He is currently a tenured professor at the Musikene Higher Conservatory of the Basque Country.

October 8, 9 and 10


Lluís Coloma – piano
Manolo Germán – bass
Arnau Julià – drums

Lluís Coloma Trio offers a personal music and a repertoire that, combining tradition and originality, fuses in a natural and innovative way the music of New Orleans, Rhythm & Blues, Boogie Woogie, Rock, Blues… An intense and energetic show, where the surprising strength of the trio envelops an audience that quickly abandons itself to the frenetic and fast-paced rhythms of the musicians and to the passion and feeling of Coloma’s interpretation, who lives each of his concerts as a total act. A direct and fresh music that draws standing ovations and creates a hypnotic atmosphere capable of transporting the audience on exciting journeys. Lluís Coloma’s concerts are simply an overflow of enthusiasm.

October 1, 2 and 3


Manuel Machado – trumpet
Yelsy Heredia – bass
Gregorio Herreros – piano

It is always a pleasure to listen to Manuel Machado, this prodigious Cuban trumpeter knows the languages ​​of Cuban music and jazz. Its quality as a giant claims a leading place in the music that is made in this country. Excellent trio to recreate a very stimulating mix of Latin-jazz and Cuban themes meandering between the tradition of Cuba and the pulsations of jazz.